Casa dell’Impasto

Place where ancient milling culture harmoniously blends with innovation and passion for excellence.


We are the result of over 70 years of experience, a strong bond with local artisan bakers, pizza makers, pastry chefs, fryers, and restaurateurs.

The heart of our success lies in the Research and Development project (High-quality Italian Pizza and digestibility), where the technical work of master pizza makers and artisan professionals combines with wisdom in the selection, processing, and blending of excellent raw materials, such as alternative grains and cereals and noble natural ingredients like sourdough.

Our mission is to promote a culture of continuous education, offering courses and demonstrations to share the latest innovations in the world of leavened products, baking, fresh pasta, and pastry.

A modern Rheology laboratory and a center for technical tests ensure the consistent quality of our products and play a fundamental role in research and development.

We periodically collaborate with bakeries, restaurants, and pizzerias that embrace our same ethical principles, contributing to the pursuit of excellence through attention to detail.

We guide the customer in the post-sales journey, providing advice on processes and products suitable for their needs.

Our Mill is the guardian of quality and authenticity