Family, Traditions and Territory

The history of the mill began in 1950.
Since then, stone milling has been the pivotal technique, used with passion and dedication to produce the 5 flours "MACINA D'ALTRI TEMPI", followed by cylinder milling. This traditional practice, still adopted today, gives flour a unique quality, transmitting the authenticity of a time that seems to have never stopped.

The Molino Iaquone is, however, more than just a place of production: it is a guardian of family roots and traditions handed down from generation to generation. The Iaquone Family has been and continues to be the beating heart of this mill, whose main pillars are firmly anchored in their roots and in the values that traditions bring with them.

Thanks to the vision of the founder Rocco Iaquone and through four generations, our commitment to preserve the authentic taste of ancient flour becomes a common thread that binds the past to the present, proudly witnessing our history of passion and dedication.

The surrounding area, permeated with history and culture, contributes to shaping the identity of the Molino Iaquone. Its location at the crossroads of two historical kingdoms, with their respective culinary influences, adds a distinctive element to the flours produced. It is the combination of respect for the territory and the skill in stone milling that makes the flour of Molino Iaquone unique.

Thus, in the wake of traditions, between the call of the past and the challenge of the present, Molino Iaquone continues to grind family stories and immortalize the authentic taste of ancient flour. Stone milling thus becomes the common thread between generations, an indissoluble bond between the Mill, the Family and the Territory that continues to tell the story of white art with passion and authenticity.

The Iaquone Family