Since 1950 our products are the result of ancient methods of processing, respecting the authentic traditions and the continuous research and scientific technical development of natural processes.

Molino Iaquone is born and continues in Vicalvi, in the south of the Lazio region, close to the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park, in the green and unspoilt Comino Valley in the heart of the Working Land of the Papal States.

Family, Traditions and Territory

Since Rocco laquone in 1950, through four generations, our commitment to preserving the authentic taste of ancient flour has become a common thread that links the past to the present, proudly testifying to our history of passion and dedication.

Our mill is the guardian of quality and authenticity

Our Molino, guardian of the quality and genuineness of our territory, offers professional products for pizza, bread, pastry, fresh pasta, batters, organic and gluten-free.

Place where the ancient culture of milling blends harmoniously with innovation and passion for excellence.

We are the result of over 70 years of experience, research and development with a strong bond with associations and training schools with artisan bakers, pizza makers, pastry chefs and restaurateurs.

Traditionalists of innovation

Over 50 products distributed by 90 companies specialized in the food service industry in Italy and 40 across 5 continents.

A modern Rheological laboratory and a technical testing center ensure the consistent quality of our products and play a fundamental role in research and development.